Lauren Hunaish

Position: Legal Assistant I

Lauren Hunaish is a Legal Assistant I at National Litigation Law Group. Lauren was a Client Services Representative for four years with National Litigation Law Group before moving to her current position. She enjoyed being the initial contact for clients going through what many would consider the toughest and most stressful time in their life. The more she learned and grew in the Client Services Representative position, the more she longed to become more of the solution for the client. She not only wanted to talk clients through the process in the beginning, but to become a part of the resolution to the very end. It fills her heart each day to be a part of the action in fighting for our clients to get a favorable outcome for them. Lauren says, “The relief our clients feel by our work done is what fuels me.” Throughout her six years thus far with NLLG, she has been nominated for Employee of the Month, receive many accolades received straight from our clients, and been recognized by her supervisors for the great work done.

Outside of National Litigation Law Group, she is a dedicated wife to her husband, Ammar Hunaish, and mother to her two beautiful boys – Hamzah & Zain. There is nothing more glamorous to her than time spent with her family.