Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

The NLLG team has successfully resolved tens of thousands of cases and over $600 million in debt for our clients. Here is just a sample of what our clients have to say about their NLLG experience.

Thank you and your company…

Email sent to Taylor Henthorn: “Thank you and your company for your prompt and thorough handling of this case. My stress level with all this has lessened considerably.” 

Michael W.

Hi Trevor, I hope this text finds you well…

Email sent to Trevor Reaves: “Hi Trevor, I hope this text finds you well.  I received a letter from District Court Of MD that stated my case was dismissed.  Thanks Trevor.  God working through you is truly a blessing to all.  Your parents did well with you.  Pass it on.  Thanks.”

Karen B.

Awesome! Thank you so much…

Email sent to Cherykee Humphrey: “Awesome!  Thank you so much for all your dedication is helping us to become debt free!  Super excited!!” 

Adam A.

Thank you so much…

Email sent to Erin Conyers: “Thank you so much for getting this taken care of so quickly!!!” 

Colbey R.

I wish I could let someone higher up know…

Email sent to Rami Williams: Hope everything went through clearly.  Thank you again for all of your help, Rami!  I wish I could let someone higher up know how kind and helpful you have been!!!” 

Rebecca S.

You can’t imagine the relief…

Email sent to Danitra Martin: “THANK YOU, Danitra.  You can’t imagine the relief I’m feeling right now.  Today is my last day working full time as my company is putting most employees on a minimum 2-week furlough.  This was just nagging at the back of my head this whole time.  Thank you again for your efforts.  Please stay safe & healthy.” 

Dawn L.

Very relieved…

Email sent to Amy Kelly: “Thank you so much to you and your team for your assistance in this matter.  Very relieved to have this account settled.  Have a great week.  Stay safe and healthy.” 

Kimberly C.

So glad…

Email sent to Taylor Henthorn: “Thank you for such quick action.  So glad your company is here for this part of the process!  Have a good day & stay well.”  

Mary M.

A bit of good news…

Email sent to Amy Kelly: “Thank you so much.  A bit of good news in such a trying time.  I definitely needed it.  I appreciate you being in my corner.  Take care.” 

Yalonda S.

Have a great day! Thank you!

Email sent to Ashley Atkinson:“Thank you Ashley, for your help and attention on this matter. Have a great day! Thank you!

Art C.

Once again, thank you…

Email sent to Wanda Casey:“Thank you Ms. Casey for taking the time to explain everything to me regarding the payment schedule with Republic Finance.  I will take every measure to make sure that we come to an amicable solution.  Once again, thank you.”

Jose T.

I appreciate the arrangements

Email sent to Ryan Washington: “Thank you very much for ALL your help. As my husband is not doing well so I appreciate the arrangements you made with UPS store. I will check my email daily. Stay well, stay safe.”

Mary M.

Thanks for being friendly…

Email sent to Cassandra Jones: “I really like you!  Thanks for being friendly”

Dawn C.

Jody, thanks for the reminder…

Email sent to Jody Deibler: “Jody, thanks for the reminder and help on the call.  As mentioned, I don’t have a printer and will be sure to see about getting these back ASAP.”

Meriel M.

I appreciate you…

Email sent to Kristi Wheatley: “Thank you so much for making such a stressful issue seem effortless and smooth. I appreciate you and all of your patience with me! Have a great day!”

Alaa E.

I know you will represent me well…

Email sent to Brittany Stewart: “Thank you for the update. I look forward to hearing from you. I know you will represent me well.”

Philene T.

I really appreciate your help and concern…

Email sent to Evelyn Ufomadu:“I also wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your help and concern for this situation.  It’s not every day you have someone take the initiative to help fix a problem you’re having and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to say thank you!  Please just let me know if there is anything you need from me.  Thanks!”

Jacob C.

You guys are great!

Email sent to Kristan Pettiford:“Thank you so much. You guys are great!”

Pete V.