Client Testimonials

The NLLG team has successfully resolved over a hundred thousand cases and over a billion dollars in debt for our clients. Here is just a sample of what our clients have to say about their NLLG experience.

Phone convo between C & Jody Deibler

“We appreciate and love you guys (NLLG) for all your help and understanding during this time. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful day and thank you for all your help!” Marcos L.

Email sent to James Ballentine

“Hello – Thank You James!!!! I’m so happy this is all squared away and of course, I will continue the payments. Thank you and your team again!!!”Shanell H.

Phone convo between C & Lauren Hunaish regarding Curtis Molloy & Lauren Hunaish

“Thank you both so much for your professionalism and hard work. You have kept me informed throughout this process and that has been so important to me. I hope this never happens again but at least I know if it does it will be a smooth and quick process.”Jeff L.

Email sent to James Ballentine & Brenda Davila

“Jim – That is fantastic news! I want to thank you and Brenda for your work and help on this matter. It made things that much less stressful for me. I’ll make sure to reach out if any questions arise. Thanks again and all the best!” Alan T.

Email sent to Lauren Hunaish from OC Rep

“Thank you very much, Lauren. Truly appreciate your diligence and quick response on this matter. Have an excellent rest of your day.”Luis B.

Email sent to Lauren Hunaish

“Thank you so much! This is the second time I have worked with your company and the ease of everything is so shocking. Thank you for making this whole process as unstressful as possible.” Alyssia M.

Email sent to Kristi Wheatley

“Thank you for taking all my crazy calls and helping me through this. Greatly appreciated.”Melissa E.

Email sent to Ramona Germany

“Thank you very much. You were the person that helped me to [get] one more step ahead. God bless you so much.”Elaine S.

Phone convo between C & Wandy Vasquez

“I am so thankful for you and your firm. Everyone I have spoken with has been so nice to me!” Adriana S.

Email sent to Stephanie Reynolds & Barbara Gray

” Thank you so much for getting back so fast. Because of you and your team, I am able to graduate from nursing school without having to deal with double stress, school, and debt. I had only dealt with stress from nursing school but not with debt because I have totally depended on you guys. Amazing job. Again, THANK YOU!”Chhinn P.

Email sent to James Ballentine & Brenda Davila

“James and Brenda – I want to thank you both for all your time and effort that you have put into this this matter/lawsuit. Although I will be keeping you all on board, hopefully I will not need your services again – but if so, I will welcome you gladly. Thank you again.”Inger B.

Phone call between C & Elizabeth Lamb regarding Cristi Heard

“Cristi was the best. She was super helpful and as soon as I heard her voice, I went from being upset to happy. Don’t let her get away.” John G.

Text sent to Erin Conyers

“Ok thank you very, very much. You really have been a tremendous help. Is there any way I can praise you to your boss? You are a total rockstar!!!” Paul M.

Email sent to Elizabeth Lamb

” I’m just emailing you to say Thank You Respectfully for asking for an extension in the case, and your professional explanations and your encouragement. It was very uplifting and encouraging to me.”

Robert S

Email sent to James Ballentine

“THANK YOU ever so much for this. I appreciate your service and enjoyed our conversation. You made me feel relaxed and my stress decreased substantially after speaking with you. I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day as well. A huge THANK YOU to you and your team.”

Abida M.

Email sent to Stephen Ferlmann

“Wow! Stephen, you’re the best! I so much appreciate all of you help with this! I’m clearly financially struggling and you are just amazing. I can’t thank you enough for continuing to push forward with everything! Thank you again!”

Christina F.

Handwritten message note mailed by C on an envelope regarding Stephen Ferlmann

“Steve – Thank you so much for being my lawyer. I feel so good, like the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Love & God Bless.”

Janet J.

Phone convo between C & Lauren Hunaish

“Thank you so much for your help on this matter. You have been amazing throughout this whole process. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance.”

Christopher H.

Kuddos relayed to Elizabeth Lamb regarding Cristi Heard

“Cristi was so nice and very helpful. She made sure I understood what was going on with the documents. She deserves a great big pat on the back.

Paula D.