Tab Wendler

Position: Director of IT

Tab Wendler is the Director of IT at National Litigation Law Group.  Tab serves as the backbone of the organization, ensuring that supportive processes run smoothly while likewise maintaining efficiency throughout the office.  Tab is strongly invested in several important causes, including minority rights and communities, economic equality, local food efforts, alternative transportation, and technology.  Each of these notions are intrinsically connected, and possess dire relevance, both nationally and within the state of Oklahoma.  Many of the issues Tab finds interesting are detrimental to the survival of society as a whole, and she strives to have them regarded as such.  Outside of NLLG and her activism, Tab enjoys bicycling, often riding upwards of 40 miles per week on her single speed, fixed-gear bicycle.  Due to the bike’s simplicity, Tab can repair nearly anything that can go wrong with it.  Likewise, the simplicity of the vehicle allows Tab greater control which, as it could be argued, is why she has recently ventured into the realm of trick-riding.

Oklahoma State University, B.S. (Business Administration), 2011


  • NSTISSI 4011 – Information Systems Security Professionals
  • CNSSI 4012 – Senior Systems Managers
  • CNSSI 4014 – Information Systems Security Officers
  • NSTISSI 4015 – System Certifiers
  • CNSSI 4016 – Risk Analyst
  • CompTIA A+ Certified Technician