Brandon B. Gibbs

Position: Data Analyst II

Brandon B. Gibbs is a Data Analyst II at National Litigation Law Group, providing data analysis and insights needed to drive and maintain business and client satisfaction.  Prior to working at NLLG, Brandon pursued an array of accounting and financial endeavors, gaining experience in financial, accounting, and contractual processes.  While at NLLG, Brandon learned the firm from the bottom up, having worked with clients and creditors in negotiating debts, and refined his ability to build relationships and gain trust with numerous individuals.  As a data analyst, he has excelled at collecting, organizing, interpreting, and disseminating several types of data.  He is energetic and confident in the results he provides to staff, departmental members, and executive management.  He strives to further his knowledge and stay on top of developing needed skills to ensure the integrity and value of our data.  Brandon has also become the first point of contact for data and other areas due to his knowledge of our company, industry, and skills.

Away from the law firm, Brandon enjoys spending time with his partner, his dog and perfecting his home.  Brandon is highly active in the community and has always enjoyed giving back through volunteering and fundraising events centered on assisting the less fortunate.  Originally from New Orleans, Brandon has a passion for local cuisine and enjoys finding ways to make dishes healthier without sacrificing flavor.  Brandon also enjoys planning and hosting dinner parties.

Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S. (Business & Accounting), 1999