Nathan Fulton

Position: Manager of Matter Intake & Client Services

Nathan Fulton is Manager of Matter Intake and Client Services at National Litigation Law Group.  Nathan started at NLLG as a temporary employee in 2018 and was hired on full time as a negotiator months after for our Advanced Negotiations team. He then transferred to NLLG’s Matter Intake Department where he eventually became a Team Leader followed by growing into management of both Matter Intake and Client Services. What Nathan enjoys most about his job is working closely with his teams to accomplish company goals and learning new things about your coworkers. Seeing employees grow and having an impact on that growth is exciting and makes it all worth it. Taking care of his team member and employees is vital to Nathan. He believes if your employees are happy our customers will see that in their conversations with the employees, resulting in better customer service.

When Nathan isn’t working, he loves playing video games of all kinds, specifically PC games, enjoying a good TV show or movie, taking cruises to new countries experiencing new cultures & food. Nathan loves being in or by the water visiting the ocean or lake and scuba diving & snorkeling.

Oklahoma State University, A.S., 2015