Katie Doerneman

Position: Legal Assistant

Katie Doerneman is a Legal Assistant at National Litigation Law Group. Katie loves backpacking, camping, collecting vinyl records, live music, furniture restoration and antiques. She converted her garage into a workshop and has all sorts of projects from stained glass, making lamps and wax melts. Her family has always been really handy, so Katie says she is an old soul that enjoys any sort of handiwork. Her parents have always owned rental properties, so growing up she learned how empowering it is to be able to build, repair and restore. She enjoys doing anything with her two dogs, Kahlua (a Mastiff Sharpei mix) and Lola (her Chiweenie that she found on the interstate after being abandoned by her previous owners). She initially intended fostering her but ended up loving her too much, so she’s now part of her family, making her a proud mamma of two sweet fur babies. Katie is so proud of Kahlua as after two years of training together, she became a certified therapy dog. When she got her certification, she quickly picked a favorite friend, Rose (who lives at a retirement home in Norman). It’s been a friendship that’s lasted 7 years, and they still visit Rose at least once a month. Kahlua enjoys sitting on Rose’s feet to keep them warm, while Rose tells Katie the many amazing stories of her youth when she was a military nurse in World War II. She loves Kahlua, because she had a big dog as a child who also sat by her feet and kept her company. For the past 7 years, Katie has worked with Cameron University volunteering for Camp of Champs. They take special education kids to Quartz Mountain for a week. Katie’s mom is a special education teacher and always talks about how rewarding it is to have a “breakthrough” when working with kids with special needs. Katie had her first “breakthrough” during her first year at camp while working with twins with severe autism. Fellow volunteers had trouble communicating with them because they were nonverbal. The beauty of working with special education kids is that you can learn just as much from them as they do from you, so it was an opportunity to learn different ways to communicate. Now each year at camp the director always pairs Katie with the kids having the most severe disabilities. She always says that if Katie’s current job doesn’t work out that she’s meant to be a special education teacher. In addition to all her other talents, Katie also knows sign language! Katie’s family is big on traveling and her favorite country to visit was New Zealand. Her brother has lived in Spain and China, and her sister has lived in England and also in Spain.