Celina J. Chambers

Position: Director of Human Resources

Celina J. Chambers is the Director of Human Resources at National Litigation Law Group.  Following her graduation from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Celina endeavored upon a career in healthcare that exceeded two decades.  Through her experience, Celina has proven her dedication to working in tandem with numerous individuals in addressing their needs and alleviating their concerns.  At NLLG, Celina strives to ensure the law firm’s employees are cared for through her role in the human resources department.  Celina finds the friendly and supportive nature of NLLG’s workplace readily lends itself to a successful H.R. division.  Furthermore, she finds the senior management of the office truly cares for, and invests in, their employees.  Celina enjoys working with a company focusing on people’s financial health. Rather than simply “talking the talk,” Celina believes the leadership of NLLG solidifies the firm’s internal policies through practice and example, strengthening NLLG’s community as a whole.

Away from the office, Celina enjoys reading, watching movies, spending time with her family, and gardening (especially flowers, vegetables, and herbs).

Southeastern Oklahoma State University, B.S. (Business Administration)

Unites States Air Force