NLLG Joins Forces with National Nonprofit to Help Thousands of Oklahomans Dealing with Medical Debt

sr_admin December 29, 2020 at 09:29 pm
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NLLG Joins Forces with National Nonprofit to Help Thousands of Oklahomans Dealing with Medical Debt

National Litigation Law Group
Dec 29, 2020

National Litigation Law Group (NLLG) is donating $50,000 to RIP Medical Debt, the leading nonprofit organization tackling the medical debt crisis in the country.  NLLG expects its donation to enable RIP Medical Debt to eliminate $5 million in unpaid medical debt being claimed from needy Oklahomans.

Founded in 2014, RIP Medical Debt identifies, buys, and then forgives unpaid medical debt owed by financially distressed families and individuals.  On average, every $1 donated to RIP Medical Debt can be used to purchase and forgive $100 in medical debt. 

NLLG’s founder, James Sears Bryant, explained: “NLLG’s mission is to make affordable legal services available to financially distressed consumers who need relief from credit card debt.  When we considered how we could help families this holiday season in a way that was consistent with our mission, we decided we should be working with RIP Medical Debt.  We know that accumulated unpaid medical debt is a significant factor in 60% of the bankruptcies in the U.S.  We also know that families faced with crushing medical debt often are delaying needed medical treatment for fear of increasing their financial burdens even further.  During the current COVID-19 pandemic, providing significant relief for those families is particularly critical.”

Bryant said NLLG was focusing its donation on providing relief to families in the central Oklahoma area.  Portions of NLLG’s donation will also be directed toward two existing RIP Medical Debt fundraising campaigns in Oklahoma, one by the First United Methodist Church of Ada aimed at raising enough funds for RIP Medical Debt to purchase and forgive $2 million of medical debt in a seven-county area of south central Oklahoma, and one by the Okeene United Methodist Church to eliminate $4.5 million of medical debt in a seventeen-county area of northwest Oklahoma. “We feel very blessed to be able help families in central Oklahoma, and to contribute to very worthy efforts to help RIP Medical Debt help families in great need in other areas of our home state.  We hope to inspire others to join with us to help retire medical debt in central Oklahoma and to support these other campaigns to help Oklahomans in the south central and northwest sections of the state.”

In the six years since it was created, RIP Medical Debt has managed to purchase and forgive nearly $3 billion in medical debt.  To learn more about RIP Medical Debt, and to contribute to the campaigns by the First United Methodist Church of Ada and the Okeene United Methodist Church, visit